Book Excerpt

Come gather ‘round children
of the wilderness and daydreams.
From the rugged land of the lofty pine,
to the great rolling and fertile plains.

Willst thou not lend an ear
to the sway of forgotten tongues?
A most puzzling of journeys,
many poets and travellers shall tell.

For this here tale is of adventure,
from a time, long, long ago,
all about a pondering child called Wonder,
misty but potent legends recall,
that he once drank from a wishing well.

Deep and dreaming was his spirit,
from the moment he was born,
full of play was the child,
who lived for the sparkle of his mother’s eyes,

which danced in merriment like the rising sun,
of a sweet, sweet summer’s morn,
for many are the ways that awaken the silent song,
of the blessed gift of life.

Now one day whilst out a-walking
through the ancient forest of pathfinders,
where the Devil of legends told,
the Enchanted Elves and Fairies hide,

on the ever restless wind,
heard Wonder a strange voice,
lamenting of love and wisdom,
and the lost and hallowed art,
of the game called seek and find.

“For far away in thy heart
lieth a winding road,
that shall twist and turn,
leading far beyond the walls of thy mind.

Dear child, like sparrow hawk thou art,
but never shalt thou soar above the sharp peaks,
if the heart be deserted on the sacred earth,
feeling empty and left behind.“

In amazement,
Wonder began eagerly searching
for the the mysterious source
of the soothing voice,

for full of flight and mischief,
did tickle the butterflies within,
leaving Wonder numb of his wits,
without the ability of making choice.

Racing deeper and deeper
into the vastness of the ancient forest,
spellbound to the air
of the guiding and calming call,

when from far beyond in the distance,
emerged a most terrible thunder,
from the spewing mouth,
of a mighty and cascading waterfall,

bellowing louder and louder
with every light-some step,
the tempest bowed his head in shame,
for such was the force of the torrent’s shake,

there rumbled forth a curious vision unto Wonder ,
all whispering from the realms of his second sight ,
where he did gaze upon a mysterious land,
renowned far and wide,
as the fabled kingdom of the crystal lake.

Lost in this strange perception ,
all cold of his senses,
the boy crossed beyond
the forbidden boundary stone,
where lay a forgotten village of a peaceful people,
skilled in charms and lore,

where elders and chiefs
would sit around the fire in counsel,
reciting many epic stories and legends,
of giants of great deeds,
who walked the sacred mountains,
many icy winters before.

For not without verse nor scarcity of craft,
would pine songs of heroes
and path-finding braves,

where a Rainbow Warrior
would battle his shadow,
to free his heart and it’s secret ways.

For coiled in this sanctuary,
lies in hiding a gift,
a secret trail
full of questions and thought,

where the Rainbow Warrior
must clamber and toil,
to give breath to his dreams,
before they wither and rot.