Pàl Ó’ Siadhail is a writer from Scotland. He loves the mountains, forests, valleys and rivers of his native land. He is a fluent speaker of the ancient Gàidhlig language which he speaks to his two children whom he adores with all his heart and soul. He is also a DJ and loves to write songs on his guitar with lyrics about the mysterious process that lies behind the journey of fulfilling one’s dreams.

For Pàl, life is a synchronistic process which slowly unravels it’s many bewildering ways in the pursuit of learning. He feels strongly about the healing power of love and forgiveness. The line from the song “Depending On You” written by Tom Petty, “Baby if you can’t change the world, maybe you should just change yourself ” means a lot to him. He is enthusiastic, to say the least, about the wisdom in the proverbs and sayings of The Gaelic speaking people of Scotland and Ireland which he thinks share a lot in common with the American Indians. If there is hint of soul in anything, it would probably be fair to say that Pàl will be enthusiastic about it !

Am fear a thèid san dris, feumaidh e tighinn aiste mar a dh’ fhaodas e. He that goes among the briars must come out as best he can.

Afro Celt Sound System - Child of Wonder

Pàl’s first break with his writing came in 2016 when he performed an excerpt from “Wonder and the Medicine Wheels” on the track “Child of Wonder” on the Afro Celt Sound System album, The Source, which reached number 1 on the Amazon and iTunes world music charts.


Since days of old, tales and epic sagas have been spoken and recited underneath the starlight, or by the fireside within the walls of homes in every corner of the world. This was a time before written language or symbols, where parables and legends would be spoken by the tongues of men and women to help pass the the long winter nights with wordcraft that would enthrall the ears of any listener...

Times indeed are always a-changing , nor will they cease to, but the voice of the storyteller remains, as resilient as the rhapsody of the kingdom of birds that sing of their joy each morning at the breaking of daylight.

Listen now to Pàl and the ancient spirit of the bard as he takes you on a journey of the spoken kind with an excerpt from the oral rendition of Wonder and The Medicine Wheels - A Rainbow Warrior's Tale...